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The Latest Dental Technology in Ringwood

Our dental team are skilled in utilising the latest technology available to ensure you receive the best possible treatment outcomes and feel comfortable each step of the way. At Select Smiles, we’re committed to outstanding patient care and customer service, communicating all information to you about your diagnosis and treatment options.

The advanced equipment we use to your benefit includes:

Computer-guided Implant Assessment and Placement

Patient having xrays taken at Select SmilesPlanning and completing your dental implant is effective and precise with this method, minimising post-surgical discomfort and ensuring an aesthetically pleasing result.

With this accurate placement comes maximised success and reduced recovery. It increases our ability to place implants without having to raise a flap and in some cases, the crown or bridge can be inserted on the implant, on the same day.

iTero® Scanner

Synonymous with precision, this scanner is used for crowns, orthodontics and Invisalign® without requiring that uncomfortable moulds be taken. Your teeth are scanned and shown to you instantly with before and after pictures, so you know exactly what to expect. This technology is new to Australia, and we’re pleased to offer its many advantages to our patients.

3D Imaging

Cone beam 3D images are a breakthrough in modern dentistry’s diagnostic technology. It’s a quicker, more compact version of a CT, using a cone-shaped beam that allows for a smaller scanner, less radiation and a shorter amount of time to take the images.

Digital X-rays

Digital radiographs or X-rays allow for the detection of cavities that occur in between teeth and determine the amount of bone and bone health present. It also gives a full picture of your teeth roots and nerves, any lesions present and damage that occurs after a trauma. Exposure time is reduced by 50% when compared with traditional X-rays, and the results are visible virtually instantaneously. Each of our surgeries is equipped with a digital X-ray unit.

High Magnification Microscopes

Critical work that’s part of your dental care is performed under intense magnification that uses a microscope or optical loupes. This technology allows for a high level of certainty in diagnosis and treatment, as well as the precise fitting of your dental restorations. It extends to our in-house laboratory where your device is accurately created to fit seamlessly into your mouth and smile.

Bio-compatible, High-tech Materials

There are many manufacturers of dental products who ask for our team’s opinion in evaluating new methods or materials. These developments allow us to have the latest and greatest treatments available to our patients. We can then advise you on if these options are right for you.

Want to Learn More?

Find out more about getting the smile you want with the latest technology in Ringwood. Contact us today! We offer free on-site parking and accept all health funds.


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