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All-on-4® at Select Smiles

If you’ve suffered through the loss of a single tooth or multiple teeth, then you likely want to have your problem addressed in the most advanced way possible. Dental implants involve a titanium root that’s placed in the jawbone. Once the area has been healed, a restoration such as a crown, bridge or denture can be put on the implant or implants.

A Revolutionary Way to Replace Teeth

As the new standard for replacing missing teeth, dental implants involve numerous benefits. There is, however, generally a waiting period while the area heals. At Select Smiles, we offer a cutting-edge solution to the long wait: All-on-4.

This option gives you dental implants to replace your teeth in as little as an hour. Usually, teeth replacement requires multiple surgeries stretched out over months. In a fraction of the time, we provide All-on-4 from Nobel Biocare®.

This Swedish company is a world leader in technology for dental implants. Our dentists have attended courses and conferences to learn about the innovative technology involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits are involved?

All-on-4 involves just four dental implants that can support a full arch dental prosthesis. There are many advantages:

  • Decreased treatment times
  • Flexibility with prostheses
  • Improved satisfaction rates
  • Increased freedom to eat and speak
  • Minimised swelling and pain
  • No sore spots
  • Stabilised bone volume
  • Superior clinical results

You’ll receive a provisional prosthesis directly after the implants are placed. You may need procedures such as an extraction or bone grafting completed before the implant can be received, which we can accommodate at our practice. Just four implants are required to support the prosthesis, which is where the name All-on-4 originates.

Am I a Candidate for All-on-4?

If adequate bone structure is present in the jaw, you should be a suitable candidate to have the implants placed. If left untreated, you may experience a collapse of your jawbone and facial profile.

Get started by booking a consultation for All-on-4 in Ringwood today! Payment plans with 0% financing are available.

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