Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth to form in the mouth. These teeth can come through at any age; however they usually become apparent from late teens to early twenties. These teeth will often struggle to fully erupt in to the mouth as there is often not enough space. When this occurs you may experience symptoms such as swelling, pain and limitations of mouth opening.

If you do need these teeth removed we offer the option of having these taken out with either local anesthetic or under General Anesthetic. We can perform all of these in our newly built state of the art facility.

Wisdom teeth often fall into one of the following categories.

Fully erupted Wisdom Teeth – This type of wisdom teeth are generally ok to keep in your mouth and can be fully functioning teeth. Cleaning these at home can however be somewhat difficult as they are so far back, which may cause other issues in the mouth.

Un-erupted Wisdom Teeth – These occur when the wisdom teeth haven’t made any contact with the mouth, they can often be monitored and left alone asymptomatically. However un-erupted wisdom teeth can sometimes cause unexpected trouble so it is very important to monitor their health which is done onsite with an OPG X-ray or a 3D scan. These teeth although not visible may sometimes need to be removed if they are deemed high risk.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth – Impacted wisdom teeth are the troublesome ones. They have tried to erupt through the gum, but due to poor angulation or insufficient space in the mouth they have become stuck! These are at very high risk of infection and can damage the neighboring tooth. These often have to be removed.

How we can help

At Select Smiles we can offer you an itemised quotation during your consultation, where we can recommend the best solution for you. It will include an estimate of anesthetic fees if required. You may wish to contact your health insurance provider to help assess your out-of-pocket expenses.