Longer lasting solution

Here at Select Smiles, all of our dentists are trained and specialise in white fillings, giving you a beautiful and durable smile. These fillings have an extremely similar wear rate to a normal tooth, which reduces the risk of the filling being replaced earlier than necessary.

White fillings can be one of the many steps we use to help you achieve your dream smile with our Smile Makeovers.

– Non-Mercury fillings mean no shrinkage or expansion.

– Perfect Match to your tooth colour

– Ready to go

At Select Smiles the tooth coloured fillings we use are already hard when you leave our dental clinic. This means there is no wait time to eat, drink and resume everyday activities.

Natural tooth structure is retained.

Tooth coloured fillings maintain more of the natural tooth structure because we can use smaller preparation, thus preserving the strength of the tooth.

Increased nerve protection, which reduces the risk of root canal therapy.

Our dentists create an insulating effect by using our bond and composite together. This protects the nerve from sensitivity thus