Make your tooth ache disappear and prevent extractions

Root Canal Treatment is performed when you experience a severe toothache that cannot be fixed by a filling alone. This pain occurs when the nerves and dental pulp that nourishes and gives feeling to the tooth becomes infected or inflamed.

This can happen because of:

* Decay

* Repeated dental treatment on a specific tooth

* Breakdown of an existing filling or crown

* Extreme wear of a tooth

* Extensive tooth decay

* Cracked teeth

* Trauma

We perform our root canal treatment so that you can keep your natural tooth which is always more beneficial than a prosthetic solution.


* Aesthetic differences (cracks, discolouration)

* Swelling around the tooth

* Pain and sensitivity

* Inflamed gums

The Root Canal Procedure

Before treatment we will speak with you about your sedation and pain reduction options.

Once we are sure you are comfortable your dentist will remove the infected pulp and tissue from the centre of your tooth by drilling through the top of the tooth. The inside of the tooth will be cleaned of bacteria and debris, and then sealed with a filling or crown.

Fillings are normally used however if we believe your tooth is too weak we will recommend a crown. The procedure may take multiple appointments if the infection is severe. That is why it’s important to visit Select Smiles twice a year so that we can identify problems before they progress.