Over time our teeth can become discoloured for a number of different reasons. Stains and discoloration can appear: caused by coffee, tea, red wine and cigarettes, along with the natural ageing process.

With the use of teeth whitening our team at Select Smiles can help you reverse these signs and restore your smile to a natural and healthy white colour, resulting in a younger and healthier looking smile.

The Solution:

Whitening might be the solution for you.

At Select Smiles we have multiple approaches to whitening your teeth. Call one of our trained staff, or ask your dentist at your next visit for all the options.

Take home:

Our take home whitening kit includes a pair of whitening trays for upper and lower teeth, which have been custom made for you. It also includes syringes of whitening gel which is applied onto your own trays nightly for roughly two weeks.

In chair:

Our in chair whitening involves a one hour procedure where we apply several layers of strong whitening material to obtain the best result.

Results can be maintained and refreshed by re-applying the whitening gel over time. However we will individually tailor your application time frame to gain the best results possible for your teeth.